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Volume 4, Issue 9

Volume 4, Issue 9, Summer and Autumn 2007, Page 1-114

"دراسة انتاج خرسانة الزجاج ومقاومة انضغاطها"

Iraqi Journal of Civil Engineering, 2007, Volume 4, Issue 9, Pages 1-13
DOI: 10.37650/ijce.2007.14151

تضمن هذا البحث دراسة انتاج خرسانة الزجاج ومقارنة مقاومتها مع خلطة مرجعیة تمثل خلطة
کتل البناء الخرسانیة المحملة (البلوک).
ان الهدف من البحث هو إعادة استعمال فضلات الزجاج وذلک بإبدال جزء من الرکام الناعم او
جزء من الاسمنت أو أجزاء من کلیهما بفضلات الزجاج المطحونة الى مقاسات معینة ومن ثم دراسة
مقاومة انضغاط الناتج النهائی.
بینت النتائج بان مقاومة الانضغاط بعمر ( 28 )یوم للخلطة المرجعیة هی ( 42.3 ) میکاباسکال
ولخلطات خرسانة الزجاج ( 3,2,1 ) هی على التوالی ( 39.1,40.9,39.2 ،) میکاباسکال ویلاحظ عدم
ظهور فروقات کبیرة وملحوظة فی مقاومة الانضغاط بین الخلطات الأربع.
بسبب امکانیة ابدال کمیات من الاسمنت او الرمل او کلیهما معاً بمسحوق فضلات الزجاج مع عدم
ظهور فروقات کبیرة فی المقاومة فإن إنتاج خرسانة الزجاج یکون اقتصادیا مقارنة بالخرسانة
الاعتیادیة التی تمتلک نفس المقاومة.

Behavior of Multi-Layer Composite Beams with Partial Interaction Part II

Khalel I. Aziz; Zeyad M. Ali; Riyadh I. M. Al-Amery

Iraqi Journal of Civil Engineering, 2007, Volume 4, Issue 9, Pages 1-24
DOI: 10.37650/ijce.2007.14154

ABSTRACT: In this study an attempt is made to derive governing equations satisfying equilibrium and compatibility, for multi-layer composite beams with different layers, materials properties and dimensions for linear material and shear connector behavior in which the slip (horizontal displacement) and uplift force (vertical displacement) are taken into consideration. The analysis led to a set of number differential equations containing derivatives of the fourth and third order, number of these equations depending on number of layers forming the beam section. The theory developed for three, four, and five layers. A general formula were derived to find the governing equations (compatibility and equilibrium equations) for any layered composite beam.

دراسة إمکانیة استثمار قیر العیون الکبریتیة فی منطقة هیتلإغراض البناء والإنشاء

Iraqi Journal of Civil Engineering, 2007, Volume 4, Issue 9, Pages 14-31
DOI: 10.37650/ijce.2007.14149

Extracted asphalt from the sulphate asphalt springs in Heet area was
prepared to study its properties and its also involve the study of UV and IR
spectra of the natural samples and compared to the spectra of similar
petroleum samples taken from Al-DORA Refinery .The study shows that the
properties of natural asphalt have a great similitude with the asphalt samples
resulting from refining Iraqi petroleum. Analysis of UV and IR for the
asphalt sample show the existence of heavy organic compounds, that’s found
in asphalt extracted from refineries that used for building and construction
and for road pavements.


Khamis N. Sayle

Iraqi Journal of Civil Engineering, 2007, Volume 4, Issue 9, Pages 25-37
DOI: 10.37650/ijce.2007.14150

Abstract The rapid development in computer technology helped to overcome the problem of accuracy improvement and accuracy assessment of high precision network. In this paper a study was conducted to evaluate and compare the accuracy of position through the area of error ellipses in case of using single base line and two base lines for geodetic monitoring network of Haditha Dam . The present paper purpose is to conclude that the use of additional baseline is an important part in the improvement of micronetwork accuracy and treats the weakness in the geometrical figures used.

بناء نموذج ریاضی للتنبؤ بالرحلات المتولدة لمدینة الرمادی

Iraqi Journal of Civil Engineering, 2007, Volume 4, Issue 9, Pages 32-44
DOI: 10.37650/ijce.2007.14148

Ramadi city is one of the cities that become need to Transportation
planning studies , so its, last time have increase in population changed in social
and economic state and have increasing in number of moving vehicles و which
causes jamming in transportation network.
For the purpose of study, the city was divided into 18 zones and data was
collected through this zone. Data was related to socioeconomic characteristics of
the population and field surveys were done for the base year (2000).
The study has achieved building trip production model in Ramadi city,
through find relationship between socioeconomic characteristics (car ownership,
family income, employee no. , family no. , population, family size, time and cost
trip, distance to the center and area of the dwelling). It was found that the
number of families is the most influential variable to trip production model.

Study of Driver Gap Acceptance Behavior at Merging Area in Baghdad City

Mehdi I. AL-Kubaisi

Iraqi Journal of Civil Engineering, 2007, Volume 4, Issue 9, Pages 38-55
DOI: 10.37650/ijce.2007.14141

AbstractThis paper describes a traffic behavior at merging (on-ramp) area in Baghdad city. The objective is to predict the acceptable and critical gap necessary for completing merging process in an on-ramp area for vehicles to enter the highway based on observed traffic data.Data were collected from two selected sites which had certain characteristics both operational and geometrical to fit the criteria needed for gap acceptance study which were presented hereinafter. These two sites were on-ramp sections at Mohamed Al-Qasim highway and the Army-Canal highway.Video-recording equipments were used to collect data. The observed data were analyzed, grouped, and processed using computer programs developed by the researcher for this purpose. Standard statistical analysis techniques were used to examine and analyze the observed data.Gap acceptance results are used to determine the critical gap. Critical gaps are playing main role to evaluate level of service and capacity at Highway merging sections. This study measures gaps in the major stream regarding to driver behavior for traffic stream in the merging area. It has been found that different types of drivers will accept different gaps, more aggressive drivers will accept smaller gaps and conservative drivers accept larger gaps.Keywords / Traffic behavior, Gap acceptance, Critical gap, Merging area, Highway capacity.

وضع مؤشرات لتخمین کلف مشاریع مبانی المنشآت المخزنیة

Iraqi Journal of Civil Engineering, 2007, Volume 4, Issue 9, Pages 45-65
DOI: 10.37650/ijce.2007.14152

The estimating of the preliminary costs of any suggested project is the
essential base to determine the required budget which needs an experience and
some previous data about the projects which constructed in the past but these
data are not available for the Iraqi contracting companies , they depending on a
few simple storage building .
This research consists of study and analysis of fifty different size of
storage building which had been built during (1994-2003).
The differences in cost between these building are studied too, by comparing
the cost between every building against other building.
Depending on the available data and field study, the storage building is
classified according to proposed conditions.
As result there are suggested cost indices for the storage building, also the
researcher use mathematical equations
to determine the indices and the preliminary cost.
The results of applying evaluation show the great ability in determining
the preliminary cost

استخدام المدخل ألابتکاری فی تحلیل وحل مشکلات أسلوب الإحالةفی مناقصات المشاریع الإنشائیة

Iraqi Journal of Civil Engineering, 2007, Volume 4, Issue 9, Pages 66-89
DOI: 10.37650/ijce.2007.14146

The construction projects are designed and implemented according to the
needs of the employer and according to reasonable program and cost, and if
the employer is not the performer in this case he needs an experience
constructor and adequate capacity to assume responsibilities for all phases of
the project implementation .the challenges facing the construction industry in
Iraq, especially in the current circumstances necessitate the workers serious
thought in order to advance progress in construction area for the better. The
research idea has crystallized on the subject (choosing the most appropriate
tender) with a study of application case for construction projects in Iraq due to
the emergence of tenders referral to bids least price or referral to certain
companies without competition and consequently the emergence of serious
problems including humanitarian problems and economic and otherwise. Since
corruption in the contracts implementation and conclusion is a major disaster
on the industrialized and developing countries a like , especially when bribe
money is large and when man prefers money to values, the result will be poor
construction quality, weak management and this what can be seen in
construction sector in Iraq, the time being.

دراسة انهیارات و تشققات الأبنیة المنفذة على الترب الطینیة و طرق تدعیمها

Iraqi Journal of Civil Engineering, 2007, Volume 4, Issue 9, Pages 90-114
DOI: 10.37650/ijce.2007.14147

This study was involved with the diffferent types of cracks and reptures that
may occur in structures, also a practical case for a school building in Al –
Ramadi city is presented in this work. Necessary and instantenuos ways for
treatments were suggested in this study.It was obvious that this building needs to
support footing .In addition, supporting the columns and concrete beams was
included in the present work