The journal seeks to publish original and valuable research articles on the latest innovations in civil engineering. The aim of the journal is to create a platform for scientists, researchers experts and academics both locally (in Iraq) and globally (all over the world) to endorse, exchange, and discuss numerous developments in different areas/disciplines of civil engineering.
The journal accepts papers in the following areas (but not limited):
·        Structural and Design Engineering
·        Behaviour of Structures Under Static and Dynamic Loads
·        Design Optimization and Numerical Modelling of Structures
·        Materials and Construction Engineering
·        Properties and Mechanics of Concrete and Composite Materials
·        Properties, Durability, and suitability of construction materials
·        Special Types of Concrete and other Construction Materials
·        Geotechnical, Soil-Structure, and Foundation Engineering
·        Hydraulic, Civil, and Environmental Engineering
·        Water management, Supply, and Drainage
·        Highway design, Survey, Transportation, and Traffic Engineering
·       Monitoring, evaluating, expanding, and repairing civil infrastructure
·        Engineering Management and Economy
·        Other Civil Engineering Aspects