Considering the corporations of the projects engineering in the universities from important corporations because they which work from projects contribute in prosperity and development of construction.
Although for the quality management importance and concept application on the effects of these corporations, therefore must be first application quality management in these projects.
The aim of this research to study the management system which used in the engineering affairs corporation (University of Tikrit study case). The harmony evaluation purpose between the management systems with the quality management system dependency on the tests menus which limited I.S.O. 9001/2000 and visit the corporation of projects engineering in university of tikrit for study the management system.
Where as a questionnaire form was prepared, included answer on the questions of the tests menus, questionnaire distributed on the group of corporation engineering staff and some engineers whose they worked past in this corporation to fill the answers on questionnaire.
The questionnaire results show that this corporation suffer disadvantage very clear in the corporation system structure. After that the Researchers suggest the management system build which can be more active and with high response on requirements of quality managemen