The maintenance operation of complexes and the direction of it is management is considered the most important activities which must be given much more efforts and seriousness because of it is considered the national resource and is to save the best ways of living equally all social classes in addition to it considered one of modern and civilized appearances. The paper deals with field study of the town with (2800) housing units with various and complete service units through shedding the light on the real work of the organization runs maintenance in the technical and administrative fields as well as appointing the weak point and finding the best way to handle by developing the existing maintenance order . The proposed development focusing on the following: •The periodic maintenance with some general terms (checking and evaluation) the best means to control defects.•The administrative operation elements in the organization especially the regulation and planning. •Saving the necessary financial resources to carry out the activities of various maintenance. •The importance of limiting the priorities in the work. •Trying to practices new subject in dealing with employees in simple and polite way and create anther image of collection management. Therefor, we draw conclusion of the beneficiary of these systems actively to develop the complexes maintenance system in all over the country by making the suitable amendment for every case.