Document Type : Review Paper


1 Szechenyi Istvan University, Gyor, Hungary

2 Department of Transport Infrastructure and Water Resources Engineering, Széchenyi István University, 9026, Gyor, Hungary

3 College of civil engineering and architecture, Jiaxing University, Jiaxing, China

4 Duna Asphalt Hungary Zrt.


Crack monitoring of pavements is an ever-evolving technology with new crack identification technologies being introduced frequently. Although older technologies consisted of physical removing the pavement section using coring, however new methods are available that are non-destructive and yield a higher performance than conventional technologies. This paper compiles various crack monitoring technologies such as wireless sensor networks, photo imaging, laser imaging, 3D road surface profile scans, acoustics wave propagation technology, embedded strain sensors and onboard vehicle sensors that majorly use an artificial intelligence algorithm to identify and categorize the cracks. The research also includes the use of convolutional neural network that can be used to analyze pavement images and such neural network can localize and classify the cracks for crack initiation and propagation stage. The research concludes with the favor of using the optical imaging technology called Syncrack which serves better performance in terms of time of prediction by 25% and accuracy by 30% when compared to other sensing technologies.


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