Fallujah is one of Iraqi cities which need a comprehensive transport plan for its increased urban development and have increasing in umber of moving vehicles, caused an increasing in population with changes in the standard of living and daily trips especially at the central area, which causes jamming in transportation network.
For the purpose of study, the study area in the north sector of Fallujah city is considered as one sector consists of (10) zones containing about (11954) dwelling units.
Home interview survey was made of random sample which represent 5% of the study area population, and data collected through this zone. Data was related to socioeconomic characteristics of the population. The collected information solve by using the method multi – linear regression by a package(SPSS). The total persons trips per dwelling unit and various purposes were investigated.
A trip production model in Fallujah city, through find relationship between socioeconomic characteristics (car ownership, family income, employee, family no., population, family size, time and cost of trip, distance to the center and area of household unit). It was found that the number of families is the most influential variable to trip production model.