Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Civil Engineering, University of Anbar, Iraq

2 Civil Engineering, University of Anbar, Iraq

3 Civil Engineering, Engineering College, University Of Anbar


Transport is a vital part of urban life and a foundation for society's growth. It is a wonderful indication of the growth and development of cities. It protects the free flow of people, commodities and the economy. . Despite the great advancement in technology, it still has many difficulties in developed and developing nations, particularly in our country, such as environmental issues, where congestion leads to traffic pollution, noise and a rise in cars which is a problem in itself.. So transportation is an issue. And it became a subject of attention, requiring consideration of sustainability in the planning and development of transportation systems. Ramadi has been chosen as a model in this study because of its significant impact on sustainable development and the approach that thins our study. Using the data from the study area, which included 27 neighbourhoods, were analyzed by the SPSS statistical program , the results showed that the indicators of the environmental dimension had a direct and strong relationship. For Ramadi and other Iraqi cities, a sustainable development system may be developed based on based on the two indicators of pollution and green areas (0.794 and 0.776), on which a choice can be made about sustainable urban environmental transport.