This research include the study of flexural behavior of polymer modified concrete beams containing waste plastic fiber (WPF). Fifteen reinforced concrete beams are moulded of (100*150*1300) mm dimension with different steel reinforcement ratio (ρ). These steel reinforcement ratio were (0.0038, 0.0207 & 0.0262). Styrene Butadine Rubber (SBR) was added as cement replacement by weight equal to (5%). Reinforced concrete beams classified in to five groups, each contains three beams with different (ρ) value. The first group conducted of reference concrete mix , the second group made with SBR modified concrete, while the three remaining groups were make by PMC containing (WPF) with volumetric ratio equal to (0.75, 1.25 & 1.75)%.
This study includes compressive and flexural tests for concrete which was used in this research, load deflection relationships, the moment at mid-span with deflection and ductility were established.
The results prove that, polymer modified concrete wich content waste plastic fiber has compressive and flexural strengths more than reference mixes as well as the PMC beams wich content waste plastic fiber have a stiffer response in terms of structural behaviour, more ductility and lower cracking deflection than those made by reference concretes and that refer to good role of styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) polymer and plastic fiber on the properties and behaviour of reinforced concrete beams.